Eli was the older son of Rushes Bear and Kashpaw and a major component of the Kashpaw Family. The more daring and adventurous of the two, he had a public affair with Fleur Pillager that his mother was known to disapprove of. Although Fleur had been raised by the new husband of Eli's mother, he appears to have had a distant but friendly relationship with Nanapush (person). This relationship may have produced Lulu Lamartine, who would later go on to marry Fleur's cousin Moses Pillager and have a lifelong affair with Eli's brother Nector Kashpaw. As he became older, he became a mellowed parental figure known for his humor. He was known for his love for his adoptive daughter June Morrissey, up until her death. She had at first been adopted by Nector and his wife, but grew more receptive to Eli. He disapproved of Lynette's marriage to King. At this time, he was still rumored to be seeing Fleur.

He is a supporting character in both Love Medicine and Tracks.
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